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Epe, The new Lagos

EPE, a suburb of the larger city of Lagos, is quickly replacing Lagos in terms of sustainable development and the innovation wave that swept over the city a few years ago. Starting with a reliable road system, consistent electricity, and tranquil surroundings, you get that cool, airy mood that is only seen in luxurious, expensive locations on the island in the city.

It has often been said that the former governor of Lagos state, Akinwunmi Ambode, whose hometown is Epe, was the angel God used to deliver Epe from its backwardness, expanding it into a city at every level, with its distinctive culture. These developments in the city of Epe are a far cry from its humble, shabby beginnings of bad roads, epileptic power supply, and limited resources.


With a population of 181,409, Epe, Alaro-Ogunmodede, as it is affectionately known, is situated on the northern side of the Lekki Lagoon (2006). Lekki is nearby, and it has connections to important Lagos locales like Fectac, Oshodi, Lagos Island, and Surulere. Epe is a residential area in comparison to other areas of Lagos.

With its low population, good road system, and reasonable housing, in contrast to the current situation inside the core of Lagos, studies claim that it is one of the best residential districts in Lagos.

While there are only a few locations on the island where you can be sure to find some semblance of peace and quiet away from the bustle of Lagos, Epe offers you a fair dose of tranquility without making a hole in your credit balance, as with island living.

No matter how costly your condo is, flooding is a possibility on the island even though Epe is as dry as the desert while being surrounded by water. There is a wide variety of fish and seafood available, and there are no floods here.

Every investor’s dream.

Similar to the oil boom, Epe is the city to invest in right now given the current wave of development it is experiencing thanks to some key characteristics that make it one of the best spots in Lagos for investors to make outright investments.

When it comes to real estate trends, investing in a city that is still in the early stages of development is one of the best choices one can make in order to generate a significant return on investment (ROI) after the city is fully built out. So why would anyone want to put money into Epe?

Three reasons why EPE is a choice location for investors:

  1. The construction of an international airport, among other infrastructure projects, is scheduled to begin in Epe, making the area where these improvements are taking place a prime location that will yield a significant return on investment when the time comes.
  2. Dryland: What the island and areas on the mainland cannot boast of island that is not waterlogged. Epe does not have that issue.
  3. At the moment, suburbia is clamoring for a piece of Epe. The amount of traffic in Lagos’ suburbs has significantly decreased. As the area develops, there will be an increase in employment opportunities and the success of enterprises that are found there.

Who should invest in EPE?

  1. Investors who would like their investments to appreciate
  2. Businesses looking for a West African base in Lagos
  3. Families looking for an escape from the Lagos hustle
  4. Startups and new businesses.

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