January 4, 2022


Sola had always dreamt about owning a property in Lagos, Nigeria at a very young age but like every other fresh graduate in Lagos, passing a camel through the eye of a needle would be much easier. Most people thought she was lucky as she was able to secure a ‘good’ job with an insurance company that paid her a monthly stipend of 200,000 naira. She had envisioned herself several times as a house owner in Lagos at 25 but of course, she didn’t think her salary was good enough to acquire a decent house in this part of the country. 

She had thought about getting a mortgage but a colleague had told her that it would require a huge amount for a down payment and her savings weren’t sufficient to meet up the initial payment. Also, the interest rates were too high and not sustainable with her current earnings. She would be turning 25 in a few weeks but all she had was her job and a room in her elder sister’s rented 3-bedroom apartment in Ikeja. She was sad, depressed, and thought she had failed. 

A few months later, Sola met up with an old friend who was a realtor at a leading real estate company in Nigeria. He explained to her the process of acquiring a property and she was bewildered. It was as easy as can get. She was even more amazed when she discovered she didn’t need a down payment of any fixed amount, she also discovered that the interest rate was only 16% and repayment could be spread for as long as possible. She had been misinformed up until now and that held her from achieving her goals.

A lot of people—like Sola, are not well-informed so they give up on their dreams. Owning a property in Lagos is not as hard as ‘they’ say. Reach out to the right channel and get the right information.